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Discover the power of efficient lead generation with Prospector

Our tool simplifies the process of finding the right contacts, gathering data from a comprehensive range of sources. It searches through numerous pages, verifies email addresses in our extensive database, and helps you connect with your potential customers more quickly. With Prospector, you're boosting your sales and enhancing your marketing strategies.

Advanced Lead Prospecting Made Simple

Lead Prospector redefines the way you find and generate leads. With our advanced filtering system and an up-to-date database, generating high-quality leads is now more efficient than ever.

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Optimize Your Sales Campaigns with Real-Time Email Generation and Advanced Filtering

Our system generates correct emails in real-time, ensuring you get the most current and relevant leads for your sales campaigns. Tailor your lead search with our advanced filtering options. Zero in on your target audience with precision, making your prospecting efforts more effective and focused.

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Streamline Your Lead Generation with Real-Time Updates and an Intuitive Interface

Access a constantly updated database that provides you with high-quality leads generated in real-time. Lead Prospector comes with an intuitive interface, making it easy for you and your team to start generating leads right away, without a steep learning curve.

Your Go-To Tool for Efficient Lead Generation

Lead Prospector is an essential tool for sales professionals who want to streamline their lead generation process. With up-to-date data and advanced filtering, you can focus on reaching the right people and closing more deals.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a B2B prospecting tool?

    A B2B prospecting tool is software that allows companies to find leads and create a list of prospects that can be converted into sales. These tools use company databases, public data, algorithms and contacts to find business opportunities.

  • What is a prospect database?

    A lead database is a collection of information about potential customers, such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers and company information. This information is used to connect with potential customers and generate leads.

  • How do B2B prospecting tools work?

    B2B prospecting tools use automated search techniques to find information about potential customers. These techniques can include searching databases, mining data from public websites, algorithms, and exploring social networks such as LinkedIn.

  • What are the benefits of using B2B prospecting tools?

    B2B prospecting tools allow companies to save time and effort by finding leads faster and more efficiently. In addition, these tools can provide accurate information about potential customers, allowing companies to customize their marketing and sales strategies.

  • How accurate are B2B prospecting tools in finding leads?

    The degree of accuracy of B2B prospecting tools can vary depending on the quality of the search techniques used. FindThatLead uses advanced technology based on verification algorithms to ensure the accuracy of the information, only providing valid correct emails.

  • What kind of information can FindThatLead's prospecting tool provide about prospects?

    FindThatLead's prospecting tool can provide information such as company name, contact title, email address and geographic location of the lead.

  • Can you use FindThatLead's prospector tool for free?

    The cost of using FindThatLead's B2B prospecting tool varies depending on the plan selected. The most popular plan is priced at $55 per month.

  • Can FindThatLead's B2B prospecting tool connect with CRMs?

    Yes, FindThatLead's B2B prospecting tool can integrate with various CRMs, such as Salesforce, Pipedrive and HubSpot, as well as other tools, via Zapier.

  • How can B2B prospecting tools improve lead generation and sales conversion rates?

    B2B prospecting tools can help companies find leads more efficiently and accurately through the generation of lead email lists, which can increase lead generation and sales conversion rates.

  • How does B2B prospecting differ from B2C prospecting?

    B2B prospecting focuses on finding and engaging business customers to offer them specific products and services, while B2C prospecting focuses on finding and engaging individual customers to offer them mass consumer products and services.

  • How long does it take to run a search?

    The time it takes to perform a search depends on the type of search being performed and the amount of information being searched. Normally, before generating emails, we make an estimate of leads to be generated. However, FindThatLead stands out for being a very efficient tool that allows you to perform searches in a matter of seconds and with accurate results.

Here’s what our customers say

”A great Lead Prospecting Tool”

”An easy lead generation solution with precise real-time data. Streamline leadgen by extracting emails directly from LinkedIn and other websites. FindThatLead stands out as an all-encompassing B2B lead generation tool, simplifying the process of prospecting, managing, and engaging.”

manuel jimenez

Manuel Jimenez

Digital Marketer


ROI Increase with FindThatLead

”Lead Finder Leader”

”Overcoming the challenge of finding emails for potential clients, FindThatLead excels in uncovering multiple emails across various departmental levels within any organization, simply by entering their website.

Overcoming the challenge of finding emails for potential clients, FindThatLead excels in uncovering multiple emails across various departmental levels within any organization, simply by entering their website.”

cristian lópez

Cristian López

Growth Marketer


Email Bounce rate in campaigns

”Saves time and makes prospecting easy”

”FindThatLead seamlessly handles bulk databases, without a doubt, it stands out as an exceptional tool in every aspect.

The platform also grants me access to valuable information about my prospects. This, in turn, streamlines the process of getting in contact with them, super-duper tool!.”

nisha bajaj

Nisha Bajaj

Influencer Partnership Marketing


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