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Enhance your lead generation with FindThatLead's Chrome Extension. Easily extract emails from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and other websites, making it essential for sales professionals like you.

Email Extraction from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and Domains

With a single click, you can extract emails from LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Search engine. This feature is invaluable for sales representatives, recruiters, salespeople and marketers who are looking to build a robust network quickly. Our Chrome Extension turns every webpage into a potential lead source, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

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LinkedIn Email Extraction and Crunchbase Scraping

Extract emails from LinkedIn profiles or LinkedIn search results. Simply segment your ideal customer and we will generate those emails for you. Expand your lead search to crunchbase, scraping emails directly from company profiles.

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email extractor for chrome

Extract Emails from Any Website with User-friendly Interface

Simply navigate to any website and use our extension to find email addresses, job titles and company information, all in just a few clicks. Intuitive email extraction ensuring you spend more time connecting with leads and less on manual searches

The Ultimate Tool for Advanced Email Prospecting

Whether you're targeting specific industries on LinkedIn, exploring Crunchbase, or browsing other websites, our extension is equipped to provide you with high-quality leads efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the FindThatLead Chrome extension free?

    The FindThatLead Chrome extension uses credits from your own FindThatLead account, with one credit used for each contact found. By signing up for FindThatLead, you'll receive 10 credits each month to use on the platform's tools, including the Chrome extension.

  • What level of accuracy do the email addresses found with the extension have?

    FindThatLead bases its accuracy on verification from three different scores, with the highest reaching a 99% confidence level, we only charge each credit for every valid, correct email.

  • How can I extract email addresses from websites?

    To extract email addresses from websites using the FindThatLead Chrome extension, simply navigate to the website of interest and click on the FindThatLead icon in the browser. The extension will search for email addresses and display them if found.

  • What data can I find with the FindThatLead Email Finder extension?

    With the FindThatLead Email Finder extension, users can find a variety of data, such as email addresses, job titles, and information about companies.

  • What is the process for extracting email addresses from LinkedIn?

    To extract email addresses from LinkedIn using the FindThatLead Chrome extension, simply navigate to LinkedIn Search bar, set filters and parameters of your ideal customer persona and, once LinkedIn has displayed a list of people, you can open our Chrome Extension to extract the email addresses of those people in bulk.

  • What makes FindThatLead different from other email finder tools?

    What sets FindThatLead apart from other email finder tools is its high level of accuracy, its ability to save leads, it’s refined credit system, providing only valid, correct emails and its user-friendly interface.

Here’s what our customers say

”A great Lead Prospecting Tool”

”An easy lead generation solution with precise real-time data. Streamline leadgen by extracting emails directly from LinkedIn and other websites. FindThatLead stands out as an all-encompassing B2B lead generation tool, simplifying the process of prospecting, managing, and engaging.”

manuel jimenez

Manuel Jimenez

Digital Marketer


ROI Increase with FindThatLead

”Awesome tool for email scrapping”

”In addition to furnishing email IDs, FindThatLead goes the extra mile by offering supplementary details about individuals, including their job positions, affiliated companies, and even their social media handles.

FindThatLead consistently proves to be an invaluable asset in swiftly providing direct email contacts for relevant individuals, making it an indispensable tool for my outreach efforts.”

himanshu mishra

Himanshu Mishra

HR Executive


Emails generated each month

”Amazing sales intelligence application”

”FindThatLead proves to be an instrumental tool in establishing a sales pipeline for your team. It has consistently met expectations.

Its impact is evident in the ability to construct a formidable pipeline. FindThatLead emerges as an indispensable asset for enhancing your sales strategies and fortifying your overall business development efforts.”

saurabh ranjan

Saurabh Ranjan

Sales and Business Development


ROI Increased with FindThatLead

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based on 1,376 reviews


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