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How our real time data generation process works:


The user performs a search for a prospect

The user enters their search criteria, setting the stage for FindThatLead’s engine to find the perfect prospect.


We generate and verify data

Our algorithms kick in to generate and verify a detailed data profile, ensuring top-notch leads.


We store and keep data up to date

We securely store the generated data and continually update it, so you're always working with the latest info.

What steps do we follow to get data?

Email Search

The user initiates a search and we explore data from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and the web, including sitemaps and robots.txt files.

Email Verification

We create and verify emails with an algorithm that generates more than 15 permutations based on the name and website of the company.

Non-Public Emails

If no public emails are found, we identify the most common pattern for the company and verify it with our algorithm.

Validation of Incorrect Emails

If an email is not valid, we search for other patterns until we find a correct one or exhaust all options.

Data Updating

We keep our data up to date, with a maximum age of 30 days for reconfirmation.

Commitment to Quality

We ensure that each email address meets quality standards before it is delivered to the user.

Quality of information, security in contact

We know how much you value trust and security. That's why our leads are aligned with the regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With us, you are in safe hands and in compliance with the law.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does FindThatLead ensure data accuracy?

    We employ a multi-step process that includes algorithmic permutations and a unique scoring system to verify each email address. All data is re-verified within a 30-day cycle to maintain accuracy.

  • What technologies does FindThatLead use for data verification?

    FindThatLead uses a proprietary algorithm that generates multiple email permutations based on name, surname, and company website. This is coupled with a unique scoring system to speed up the verification process.

  • How often is the data updated in FindThatLead?

    Our data is as fresh as it gets! We have a 30-day re-verification cycle to ensure that all the information in our system is up-to-date.

  • How does FindThatLead handle not-found or incorrect data?

    If an email address is not found or incorrect, we cycle through other possible patterns until we either find a valid email or exhaust all permutations. In the latter case, the email is marked as 'not found.'

  • What makes FindThatLead's scoring system unique?

    Our scoring system is designed to identify the most probable email patterns quickly. It's an integral part of our algorithm that helps us deliver verified and accurate email addresses.

  • Does FindThatLead comply with data privacy regulations?

    Absolutely. All data is securely stored and handled in compliance with data privacy laws and regulations.

  • How can I integrate FindThatLead's data into my systems?

    FindThatLead offers various integration options to seamlessly incorporate our data into your existing systems, enhancing your lead generation and marketing efforts.

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No credit card required


based on 1,376 reviews


GDPR compliant