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Say goodbye to robotic, impersonal emails that don't convert. Connect with your potential prospects instantly by sending personalized emails with our cold email tool.

Revolutionize your sales strategy with cold email automation and drip marketing - the ultimate combination for reaching out to potential customers with personalized and engaging messages!
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Build cold email campaigns for prospecting, sales, marketing and more in no time with Email Sender.

Email Sender is a cold email software that allows you to launch ultra-personalized and automated email campaigns that actually convert. Our customer data backs us up.

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Free email marketing drip campaigns

Drip email campaigns are a powerful way to improve sales. With an automated email drip campaign you can send personalized emails to customers at specific intervals, which increases engagement and conversion rates.

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email drip campaigns

Email personalization tool

Email personalization is an essential tool for businesses to create targeted and personalized cold email campaigns that resonate with their audience.

Automate and customize your email campaigns.

Get access to all the sales funnels and analytics to assess the performance of your campaigns and optimize them for higher conversions.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a cold email tool?

    A cold email software is a tool that allows you to send mass emails to a previously selected list of contacts, with the objective of generating new business opportunities or sales.

  • What are the methods used by professionals to send cold emails?

    The most common methods used by professionals to send cold emails are email personalization, email tracking, audience segmentation and process automation.

  • Is Email Sender free to use?

    Yes, using Email Sender does not consume credits and is consequently free of charge.

  • Can I use Gmail for cold email?

    Yes, you can use your Gmail account for cold email campaigns, although it is important to keep in mind that sending mass emails from a personal Gmail account can affect the sender's reputation and be detected as spam, if the recommended instructions are not followed.

  • How many cold emails can I send per day?

    The number of cold emails that can be sent per day depends on the tool used and the policies of each email provider. In the case of FindThatLead, it is recommended to send no more than 250 emails per day and account.

  • Can cold email automation help increase my response rate?

    Yes, cold email automation can help increase your response rate by enabling personalized, segmented email follow-up and more effective response management.

  • How can email personalization tools improve my cold emails?

    Email personalization tools allow you to include relevant information for each recipient, such as their name, job title or company, which increases relevance and the likelihood of a positive response.

  • What is an email drip campaign?

    An email drip campaign is a series of automated emails sent to prospects over time, with the goal of increasing campaign performance.

  • Are cold email drip campaigns suitable for my company?

    Email drip campaigns are suitable especially for B2B companies that want to increase the response and therefore conversion rate of their cold email campaigns.

  • When should a drip campaign be used?

    A drip campaign is ideal for sending a series of personalized, automated emails to a targeted audience over a specific period of time. Often used when prospects receive a first email and do not interact with it, the mission is usually to re-activate the prospect.

  • What is the difference between drip emails and regular emails?

    The difference between drip emails and regular emails is that drip emails are designed to be sent in a scheduled and automated manner, while regular emails are one-off emails that are sent manually. Drip emails are based on a sequence of messages that are sent in an orderly fashion and are designed to take the recipient through a conversion funnel.

Here’s what our customers say

”A great Lead Prospecting Tool”

”An easy lead generation solution with precise real-time data. Streamline leadgen by extracting emails directly from LinkedIn and other websites. FindThatLead stands out as an all-encompassing B2B lead generation tool, simplifying the process of prospecting, managing, and engaging.”

manuel jimenez

Manuel Jimenez

Digital Marketer


ROI Increase with FindThatLead

”Best Client Booster Tool”

”FindThatLead is a user-friendly tool that significantly amplifies your client outreach. Having initially encountered them at Mobile World Congress four years ago, their consistent support has played a pivotal role in generating lots of new leads for us. The platform's continuous updates, introducing top-rated new services, further enhance its appeal. We wholeheartedly recommend it, emphasizing the power of sending emails with a personal touch.”

raúl rodríguez

Raúl Rodríguez

Customer Intelligence


Email Open Rate in Campaigns

”My first email campaign and I already have results”

”We wanted to expand our client prospecting beyond LinkedIn, and thanks to FindThatLead, we've managed to start conversations through effective cold email campaigns. The platform is easy to use and very powerful, excelling in identifying prospects on LinkedIn and subsequent contact via email. Since our first campaign, we have managed to secure valuable meetings with potential clients, marking an impressive start.”

jonatan sanchez

Jonatan Sanchez



Meets generated in his first month

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based on 1,376 reviews


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