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Are you tired of spending hours researching and manually compiling a list of potential clients for your local business? Look no further than our innovative tool that generates ultra-accurate lists of leads with just a click.

Whether you're targeting a specific city or multiple locations, our tool can provide you with the contact information of potential clients in a matter of seconds.

Discover the power of local marketing: learn how to generate local leads today!

Our tool is simple yet powerful. Just fill in the search criteria, and you'll be presented with a list of email addresses for local businesses in your target area.

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Local companies worldwide

Our tool allows you to easily find local businesses in your desired industry and location. Simply input your preferred industry and city or region, and our system will generate a list of businesses with email addresses that match your criteria.

local business lead generation
how to generate leads for local business

Generates a list of local business information

Our tool generates a comprehensive list of phone numbers and emails for local businesses in a given city, making it easy for you to connect with potential customers and grow your business.

Find prospects in your locality faster.

Enter your location and search for prospects based on keywords. We help you find and reach your prospects faster, both on email and on phone.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is local lead generation and how can it help my business?

    Local lead generation is the process of identifying and contacting prospects in a specific geographic area. It is the quickest and most effective way to digitally and automatically acquire local potential customers.

  • What are the benefits of local lead generation for my business?

    The benefits of local lead generation for your business include higher conversion rates, lower cost per lead, greater brand visibility, and better targeting of potential customers.

  • How can I find local business email addresses?

    By entering simple parameters in 'Local Business', the tool itself will provide you with a list of local businesses with their respective email addresses and phone numbers.

  • How can I find local business leads that are interested in my product or service?

    You can find potential customers from local businesses interested in your product or service by conducting market research, creating buyer personas, using tools like FindThatLead, and using specific messaging and advertising to reach your ideal customer.

  • What are the most effective tools for local lead generation?

    The most effective tools for generating local leads are 'Local Business' from FindThatLead, Google My Business and

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”An excellent tool for helping me find emails of local and national businesses

FindThatLead proves to be an outstanding tool for uncovering the emails of both local and national businesses that might otherwise remain hidden. Currently, I have no notable critiques to mention. The platform excels in locating elusive email addresses for businesses and their owners.”

colin m

Colin M


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”Amazing sales intelligence application”

”FindThatLead proves to be an instrumental tool in establishing a sales pipeline for your team. It has consistently met expectations.

Its impact is evident in the ability to construct a formidable pipeline. FindThatLead emerges as an indispensable asset for enhancing your sales strategies and fortifying your overall business development efforts.”

saurabh ranjan

Saurabh Ranjan

Sales and Business Development


ROI Increased with FindThatLead

”My first email campaign and I already have results”

”We wanted to expand our client prospecting beyond LinkedIn, and thanks to FindThatLead, we've managed to start conversations through effective cold email campaigns. The platform is easy to use and very powerful, excelling in identifying prospects on LinkedIn and subsequent contact via email. Since our first campaign, we have managed to secure valuable meetings with potential clients, marking an impressive start.”

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Jonatan Sanchez



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based on 1,376 reviews


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