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Per month
Billed monthly

Per month
Billed annually

1000 monthly correct emails

Chrome Extension

2 user

2 campaign accounts

Send up to 400 daily emails



Per month
Billed monthly

Per month
Billed annually

3000 monthly correct emails

Chrome Extension

4 users

4 campaign accounts

Send up to 500 daily emails



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Per month
Billed annually

10000 monthly correct emails

Chrome Extension

10 users

10 campaign accounts

Send up to 750 daily emails

Get started with a free plan — No credit card required!

Every plan comes with:


Choose from audience segments like location and keywords and reach millions of qualified leads easily. Prospector searches all over the web the best leads and verifies them automatically.

Bulk processing

Upload your prospect lists in CSV format. Process all your leads at once. The list will be processed automatically and you will receive the list completed in your inbox.

Email Sender

Let us help you build a targeted campaign and send it to your leads with all the sales funnels and analytics you need to assess performance and grow your business.

Customer support

Our outstanding live chat support is available on working hours. Contact our customer support team 24/7 at


What is a credit?

A credit used in FindThatLead is equivalent to a verified and correct email.
Every time you find a verified and correct lead through a search with one of our prospecting tools, a credit will be deducted from your account. Even applying more than 14 verification processes, we do not charge any credit per search, only for correct emails.
We also do not charge credits for repeat leads that you search for during the actual month.

What is the FindThatLead Chrome Extension?

Supercharge your Chrome browser with our Extension that will allow you to discover and verify emails directly with one click. While surfing the web you can open the Extension and FindThatLead will search and verify the email addresses associated with this domain.

The extension works on LinkedIn also, visit any profile and open the extension and you will see the corporate email. Get the extension now.

How many users can I share the account with?

Every plan has different team members, the bigger the plan the more users you will be able to add to your account. The Startup plan allows you to share the account with 3 more team members and the administrator.

How many email accounts can I send emails from?

You can connect more than one email account in order to send your emails from different accounts. Connect up to 10 different email accounts with the Suite plan.

Every email account has different daily limits in order to protect your domain’s deliverability, the bigger the plan the greater daily limit.

Can I send automatic multiple follow-up emails?

Our amazing tech team is testing the follow-up feature that will allow you to automatically send emails depending on the recipients behaviour. We are about to release it, in the meantime you can send single email campaigns.

What is the Prospector tool?

Choose from audience segments like location and keywords and reach millions of qualified leads easily. Our best in class algorithm searches all over the web in public sources for your targeted leads, once done every email is verified and you know how good it is to reduce your bounce.

What is and how can it help me? is a new chrome extension that will allow you to automate your LinkedIn prospecting job. Select your target criteria, show the results and click on visit profiles. You will see the doing its magic. All the information will be stored into a CSV that can be easily uploaded to FindThatLead’s Lead Search to find their corporate email addresses.

Additionally you can use to grow your professional network and send messages automatically.

With the Startup and Suite plan we are giving you free ultimate licenses in order to take advantage of this super tool.

Get it now here

Can I upgrade/downgrade whenever I want?

Absolutely. Note that FindThatLead works based on the prorate model. We will always charge you only for what you have used. Just remember to downgrade the plan before your next billing cycle starts.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, you can. Just go to the Settings section and click on the “My account” button at the footer of the page.

Will I be charged to test the free plan?

No, as you don’t need a credit card to test FindThatLead. The Free/Basic plan is free forever.

Can I test all the features with the free plan?

Yes, you’re free to test everything except the CSV bulk feature. That’s the only limitation on the free plan, but don’t worry you can test it out manually, the results are exactly the same.

What columns do I need to upload a bulk list?

Depending on the tool you want to use. For example, domain search only needs one column with the domain and a header. However, lead search needs three columns with name, last name and domain or company name.

Is it possible to have multiple emails under one account?

Of course. Keep in mind though that you can do this with Startup, 4 users, and Suite, 6 users, packages only.

Is it possible to add teammates or multiple clients under one account?

Of course, totally possible. Go to team settings and invite as many users as you need. Keep in mind that you will be able to add team members in Startup and Suite plan only.

Can I send more than 500 emails per day?

You can, but always under your own responsibility. Note that we only connect your email inbox and send the emails from there. The domain’s reputation has to be previously checked. We recommend to start sending a few emails per day, between 10 to 40 and see how the campaign is performing. As long as your campaign is running, increase this daily limit exponentially week over week.

Can I use integrations?

Yes, you can use our complete Zapier integration to export your leads to your preferred tools.

Where can I watch FindThatLead tutorials and demos?

Click here for quick access to our YouTube Channel.

How to get in touch with Sales or Support?

We are super thrilled to connect with you. In FindThatLead we’ve got a Live Chat. Open it and select CHAT WITH US. Alternatively, you can send an email at

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Use the data from FindThatLead seamlessly across your marketing and sales campaigns to generate more leads, and drive higher conversions.

Missing integrations? Send us an email describing the integration you need at and we’ll get back to you soon!

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Automate your Linkedin lead generation
Automate your Linkedin lead generation

Automate yourLinkedin leadgeneration

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