Meet the team that make everything possible

All of us are unique in our own way, but we do have something in common - and that is, our love for pizza emails!

Clàudia makes magic 🔮 with her beautiful illustrations and shapes the image of our amazing team with her ideas 🚀

Clàudia del Barrio

Graphic Designer

Meet Pau, he’s our COO and handyman 🛠️ He’s a technology genius, always ready to solve our problems 🙈

Pau Fernández


Gerard is our CEO and mentor 🤩 He does everything with love and proves it everyday. He’s the creator of #sendemailswithlove ❤️

Gerard Compte

CEO & Growth Lover

Dani is our Front-end developer. He plays the bass in one of his two bands and the guitar in the other 🤘 Can you believe this? 🤯

Daniel Aparicio


Cristian is the Co-founder & CTO. He loves to play Pokémon and never judges anybody by the way they look, but by the size of their heart 💗

Cristian Vitales

Co-founder & CTO

Juanjo is our developer, making our dreams come true He enjoys writing and taking pictures while traveling 📸

Juanjo Rubio


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