FindThatLead Programa de Referência

FindThatLead Programa de Referência

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Se está em vendas, então Find ThatLead é um must-thave para si

I have discovered FindThatLead (FTL) 3-4 months ago and then bought it during their AppSumo deal. It is one of the best purchases you can ever do. First of all, it is a very helpful tool when you want to find email addresses of potential clients. You can search by domain only, or by name/surname and domain. It also provides a confidence level of the emails found. Their new Prospector tools is a great way to find new leads that match your selected criteria. They also have a Chrome extension that makes it super easy to find a persons email straight from their LinkedIn account. It helps a lot when you find the company that can potentially be a great customer for you and then you find the right person on LinkedIn and with just one click you get his/her email address.

Tigran H. - Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Grande ferramenta para encontrar e gerir leads

Customer UX is well designed - easy to use. Lots of options to find email and local business information. Also you can email from that platform and verify. They have lots of features!

David K. - Managing Partner


A melhor descoberta e verificação de emails

Findthatlead is really great and fast with Email finding and verification. I particularly like the simplicity of sending email campaigns. FindthatLead is a key tool in our Outbound prospecting

Ikay H. - Creative Director


Melhor ferramenta de reforço de clientes

FTL is an easy to learn and use tool that BOOSTS your clients, we met them at Mobile World Congress 4 years ago and since then they have helped us raise a lot of new leads. We also appreciate that they are continuously updating the platform with 10 point rated new services. We strongly recommend it! Send emails with love!

Raúl R. - CEO


Uma ferramenta de prospecção muito fiável

The Prospector feature is great for finding a list of people from a specific location and persona. Helped me in building a great list of prospects within few minutes.

Nupur G. - President


Um serviço excelente e de fácil utilização que utilizo todos os dias

I love FindThatLead, it is a tool I use almost every day to retrieve and check emails. What I like most about FTL is their Chrome plugin. It is very practical and allows me to recover the emails from the sites I visit and verify that these are valid. It is no longer necessary to send an email and wait for a possible response. Thanks to this tool, I only recover valid email addresses. I have not yet used all the features offered by FTL but they have presented me with another very practical tool called, which is only used on LinkedIn to search for contacts.

Benjamin C. - Product Coordinator

Automate your Linkedin lead generation
Automate your Linkedin lead generation

Automatize suageração de leadsno Linkedin

Ative processos automáticos que o ajudarão a alcançar mais prospects, ser notado e impulsionar seu LinkedIn.