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Your step-by-step growth hack to the first 1000 customers

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You have a great product/service to offer to a market.

You also have the best sales and support team in place, but how do you enable them to reach the first 1000 prospects that are genuinely interested in what you’re offering?

FindThatLead is the modern marketer and salesperson’s guide to using smart digital tools to optimize their outreach campaigns, make them more efficient and hit their business growth goals in 30 days flat!

Here’s what we’ll be covering:


How to define your target audience and nail your messaging

So you have decided which product/ service you want to market. Now that your business is ready to go to the market, what should be the very first step you take?

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Build your B2B lead list: Reaching your target account’s inbox via their website

If you’ve defined your target audience and nailed the messaging you want to go to the market with, it’s time to take the next step - building your B2B email list.

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Build your B2B lead list: Do more than just networking on LinkedIn

Our method of generating leads through LinkedIn is more than just connecting and messaging the lead through the platform. Hack your lead generation strategy!

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B2B Email Outreach: How to write a crafty email for conversions

Here’s what we learned about writing a crafty email that adds value to your leads and at the same time, gets you successful conversions too!

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How to measure the success of your B2B lead generation efforts

In this lesson, we’re sharing the metrics you should be measuring to keep your B2B lead generation efforts aligned!

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Automate your Linkedin lead generation
Automate your Linkedin lead generation

Automatitza lageneraciĂł deleads a Linkedin

Activa processos automàtics que t'ajudaran a arribar a més prospects, a fer-te veure i a potenciar el teu LinkedIn.