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21 December, 2016 Gerard Compte

How to Awesomely Close Your Sales Year

As we are nearing the end of 2016, it’s a great moment to take a look back on what you’ve accomplished professionally with your team. It’s also your last chance to close any pending deals for the year to help you end 2016 strong! What´s the best ways to close out the year strong and ready for an amazing 2017?

Focus and Go!

Just as you are preparing to end the year, your leads are also preparing to end the year. Any budget they had for 2016 often needs to be used and allocated before the following year. So it’s a good chance to close leads that have a budget and still haven´t used it. All you need to do is put on your game face and work hard! Make a strong effort to contact (by calling or emailing) all new leads and explain clearly your benefits, knowing that they might be in a better position to buy than before.


Clean out the Pipeline

Do you have some leads and deals that have been lingering in the pipeline forever, just floating around? Now is the time to try to move these leads. There´s no point in dragging dead weight for years and years, especially when the possibility of closing them is null to zero. So now´s the time to work hard and try to close any old leads that have a possibility of making a sale. If not, move on and clean house!

Begin January Prospecting

We know you’ve got to put the maximum focus on closing out the year strong, but don’t forget to set up some leads and appointments for January! Otherwise you´ll come back fresh from your holidays looking at an empty calendar and an empty pipeline … SCARY! By setting up some contacts for January, you can come back from holidays with something already cooking in the pot.

Analyze the Year

Take the time to analyze your sales efforts throughout the year, individually and on a team-wide scale. Not only to congratulate the highest performers, but to better understand what went well and what went wrong. Was there a common reason leads did not convert into customers? Did you hear the same question over and over again? By analyzing why you didn’t close deals, you can learn from it to have an awesome 2017!



Now that you´ve analyzed the year, why don´t you celebrate the team wins? It´s important to begin the new year on a positive note, and your team will appreciate it too. Hold a team meeting, dinner or party and celebrate with your colleagues the hard work done. This will help to keep up the motivation for the new year and your team unity.

At FindThatLead, we´ve had a great year from closing many new clients, expanding our team and improving our tool. We hope you´ll have a happy end of 2016 and see you in 2017!

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