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28 October, 2016 Gerard Compte

3 No Fail Sales Techniques

Any good salesperson knows that if you are successful, the main thing you want is to be able to repeat that process! So, how can you ensure that after you’ve had a successful sale, that you can close another deal… and another deal? The only way to guarantee this is by following sales techniques. Organized techniques that you can follow every time to close every time!

Without any organized sales techniques, you’re just shooting in the dark with no clear purpose. And as we´ve discussed on the blog before, all sales people know the best way to be productive is to be organized.  

So straight on up, we’re sharing our favorite sales techniques to help you close every time!


Be Relatable

As humans we crave connection with others, whenever we interact we are constantly (consciously or subconsciously) looking for something in common. It turns out that we just don’t like strangers! So, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? Find out as much information as you can (without getting creepy), and before writing an email or calling your lead, jot down a few key points and possible connections.

For example, when searching for a lead´s email address through FindThatLead you find their Twitter account, you take a brief glance at their Twitter account and see that they have been tweeting about a particular sports team´s recent game. When you speak to them, you can bring up sports, knowing in advance that they´ll be happy to discuss the subject.

Pro Tip: Identify a customer similar to your sales lead, who had a problem but was able to get it solved thanks to your company´s tools and services. Your lead will connect with the story due to its similarity and already start to imagine themselves in the same position.


Customer Testimonials

One of the biggest hurdles salespeople have to jump over is getting your leads to trust you and to believe in what you’re selling. What´s the best way to help your future customers trust you? Is it creating a long list of reasons why you’re the best, details about your product or service, and more? Nooooo!

One of the best ways to get your leads to trust you is not by trying to convince them yourself, but by having your current customers do that for you! How can you do that? Easy – with testimonials.

Figure out who are your happiest customers, or the customers that have gotten the most benefit, and ask them if they’d be willing to share their happy story. You can do it in many different formats: they could write a simple paragraph, send a quote, record a video, or you could work together with the marketing team and dedicate a special blog post to their testimonial.


Use the Power of Three

Three is a magic number! You don’t believe me? It has been scientifically proven by the UCLA that three is the perfect number to help persuade people. Don’t question it, just accept it. There was a reason that we ourselves included only three main sales techniques after all …

So, once again we ask, how can we use this magical information to close more deals? Everytime you write an email to a new prospect, include three main points.

For example:

  1. Your customer´s problem
  2. Your company´s solution
  3. Customer Testimonial

1, 2, 3… and deal!

Well there you have it folks!

As awesome as these sales techniques are, if you don’t have any basic information such as your lead´s email address, you aren´t going to be able to contact them. Don’t forget that at FindThatLead we can help you to find anyone´s email address in just a few seconds. Download our plugin for free and start applying these techniques!

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