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17 October, 2016 Gerard Compte

How to Have an Awesomely Productive Sales Meeting

Any business that relies on sales knows that it’s important to stay organized and to communicate frequently with the team, to assure that everyone is focusing on what´s important for the business. If you’re part of a well organized team, you know that means generally one thing … frequent sales meetings! Meetings that take a lot of time, and while a necessity, can often feel like a waste of time. Whether your colleagues frequently show up late, requiring delaying meetings or having to re-explain information; other colleagues aren’t active and don’t listen, missing important information; or you have a certain colleague that thinks meetings are karaoke time and just can’t stop talking… the truth is they can end up very unproductive. How can you work your way around this, without cutting out these essential sales meetings entirely?

Have One Clear Goal

Before you begin any meeting, go into it knowing exactly what the goal of the meeting is. What is the topic to be discussed? Are they any actions you need to get approved? Are you discussing the company pipeline? Is it to help resolve sales blocks and problems? Communicate the topic beforehand, so everyone enters the meeting prepared and ready to make a valuable contribution.

Moreover, the most productive meetings have only one goal in mind. You should schedule separate meetings for separate issues, to ensure that everyone stays on topic without adding more issues to the table. In this way, you can also eliminate unnecessary team members from meetings that aren´t important to them, maximizing the time your team is spending selling!

Be Punctual

While it seems relatively easy to start meetings on time, it’s much more difficult to execute in the real world. Even five to ten minutes can add up at the end of a month, it’s much better to always start on time and on that matter, end on time. If the meeting takes much longer than expected, it’s better to schedule another meeting or to allot more time for these types of meetings in the future. What happens if your company climate is one of starting late? Or if certain colleagues always meander into the meetings late, delaying everyone? Start right away on time, and people will quickly adapt for fear of embarrassment.

Be Positive

While you want to run quick and efficient meetings, it’s a great idea to always take a few minutes out to recognize the success of the entire team or standout colleagues. A little bit of positivity can go a far way, and starting off a sales meeting with good news (however small) puts everyone in a good mood for the rest of the meetings. This is especially important if you have some bad news or negative topics to discuss later on! It’s also a great way to help new team members learn from the more experienced ones, who can share their sales know-how.

Take Notes

Throughout the meeting, someone should be the designated note taker to write down any questions unanswered, new tasks, or problems to solve. You should also write down the person who must handle this issue. This way you ensure that you don’t forget anything, whether it is a problem or a great idea.

Follow – Up

Thanks to your note taker, by the end of the meeting you should have a clear record of what happened in the meeting and the actions that need to be taken. All that´s left is someone to oversee and follow-up to ensure that the issues discussed have been dealt with. Because even an effective sales meeting becomes useless if you don’t follow through afterwards! A productive sales team also knows each member must be accountable for something, as everyone is important to help the company succeed.

And that´s all! As you can see, it’s really not that difficult to run a successful and productive sales meeting. All it takes is a little bit of preparation, organization and a willingness to stick to the agenda.

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