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We have implemented this Privacy and Cookie Policy, with the objective of providing our user and / or client with a safe and reliable service, wherein we guarantee compliance with the security measures on the processing of information as required by the Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter LOPD), the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21st of December, and the provisions of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce in relation to cookies (hereinafter LSSICE).

1.1. Channels by which we collect data

1.1.1 Contact Section of our Website

There is a section on our website titled “Contact Us”, an option the user can utilize to contact us and request or inquire about what they desire. Thus, we remind you that you can register on our platform as a User through the LinkedIn platform or via an e-mail and password.

1.1.2 Through our web page

We have some services where the user can register through home page via PopUp’s.

1.1.3. Through our platform

Through our platform, we only will collect your personal or contact details (full name, email, headline) the moment you register as a user within our platform.

1.1.4. Through our contact email

Acting as a Professional or User, you can send us inquiries through our contact email [email protected]

1.2. The Purpose and Processing of Data Collection

1.2.1. General Aspects

We will utilize the information provided by the user in accordance to what is indicated in section 1.1.1. and 1.1.4, that is, that have been sent to us through our contact form or by email, in order to complete your request or answer your questions as well as to proceed to complete your registration, where appropriate.

In order to register as a User on our platform, you will require validation either through your e-mail or through your LinkedIn username. This information will be necessary so that we can to provide the service requested and so that you can also publish relevant information of interest about your company, if you will.

In this regard, as was already presented in the Legal Notice, please note that in order to be validated on our platform and be able to obtain our services . Therefore, if you were initially validated with an e-mail, you must also be validated through LinkedIn.

1.2.2. Use of your Information

a) User as a Natural Person:

If you register on our platform as a natural person, under no circumstance will we use your data for purposes other than to provide the service requested, that is, for reasons that are inconsistent with the sole purpose of providing you with information. In this regard, your information will not be sold or disclosed to third parties for any purpose, and as such you should be aware that your data would only be used to validate and recognize you as a User and / or Client of our platform and thus be able to provide the requested services.

b) User as a Legal Person:

If you register on our platform as a legal person or on behalf of a company, thereby contributing information of the same or of any kind, please note that this information may also be published on our platform, as well as be presented to third parties (other companies, competitors or investors) and thus may be subject to analysis and to the emission of reports towards or for our Client’s or User’s.

c) If you register on our platform , you accept that we will send you our newsletters or weekly bulletins.

1.3. E-mail Alerts Subscription

In addition to collecting data in accordance with the provisions set forth by this Privacy Policy, you can subscribe or proceed to register on our platform so that we can generate and send multiple alerts that may be of interest and for which you will receive an e-mail or notification concerning:

  • Information on your lastest searches and recommendations.

1.4. Express Consent

To comply with the Law on Data Protection, we explicitly require the user to express their consent every time that we proceed to collect information, provided that they had not previously done so in that regard.

By virtue, of accepting of our notices and policies, the user and/or client expressly authorizes FINDTHATLEAD, to process their personal information in accordance to the purpose of our platform, in order to provide the service requested under here and keep them up to date on our services and platform, update all information about your profile, if any, and the dissemination of news, towards other User’s or interested parties and in accordance with all the goals here detailed.

Thus, when filling out the contact form on our website; when registering on the platform or writing to our e-mail contact, they must freely and unequivocally check the boxes at the end of each form, thereby demonstrating their expressed consent for our company to process their information in accordance to the purpose mentioned in the previous section.

Also by accepting our conditions at the time of registration and when contracting our services, you agree that we may use your company or corporate information for the purposes detailed herein, unable to lay claim for the marketing or presentation of their information towards third parties.

By accepting our conditions, the User also agrees to observe and comply with all conditions imposed in all of our legal policies to ensure compliance with the fulfillment of the rights therein established, particularly in our Community Standards.

1.5. Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition

At any time, when the user and / or client deems appropriate, they may make use of their rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, for which they must write to our contact email: [email protected] or send a request to the following address: Calle Almogàvers, número 165, C.P. 08018, Barcelona, attaching in both cases a copy of their Passport or ID card (of data owner) and explicitly indicate in the subject the request they wish perform, that is, what right they intends to exercise: right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and / or Opposition.

1.6. Security Measures Taken with Data Collection

We use security systems that allow us to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and security of the data collected through our website or platform.

However, the user and / or client, must understand, accept and comprehend that Internet security measures are not infallible; therefore, they are also required to take the necessary security measures that will enable them to rely on the accuracy of the website of which they are submitting information.

FINDTHATLEAD strives to ensure the privacy and security of the user and their password within our platform at all times, by always acting with the utmost diligence and implementing the necessary security measures. In this regard, the user and / or client must also correspond with implementing the necessary measures, for they are solely responsible for the protection of their password or information, FINDTHATLEAD is not liable for situations where the user fails to implement the appropriate security measures, or for their consequences. Nor is it liable for causes or damages incurred by an unaffiliated third party to the company, or due to force majeure.

To view what we are and are not responsible for, the user and / or client can visit and view the rest of our legal notices and policies applicable to this website and platform, as well as our Legal Notice, our Community Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Cookie policy

FINDTHATLEAD uses cookies in order to improve our website navigation and offer better services to our users and / or clients. Therefore, we notify the user of the use of these cookies, which are installed from our website Please note, though, that the cookies we use do not collect or gather your personal information.

2.1. Definition of Cookies

Cookies are small files that store information on the mobile devices of users and / or clients who use our platform. Its goal is to determine the browsing preferences of our users. With them, we can evaluate your preferences and use the results as indicators on how to improve our services, as noted above.

2.1.1 Types of Cookies We Use

We have designed a table in which the user can view the type of cookies used on our platform and their respective purpose. For this, it is important that the user be clear about the following:

Third Party Cookies: These are manages by other companies and are installed from their computers and / or domains to the users computer or device.

Our Own Cookies:These are managed by our company and are installed by our computers onto the user’s computer or device.

Type of cookies we use:

Type and duration of Cookie Purpose Own/Third Party
_ga 2 years, by defect It is used to monitor user behavior in our platform. Google Analytics/Twitter
Login cookie – session 2 years, by defect It is used to distinguish users that log in our platform Google Analytics/Twitter

2.1.2. Accepting the Use of Cookies on our Website

In accordance with the provision of the LSSICE, it is necessary that our clients and / or users be informed prior to their browsing of the website of the use, type and purpose of the cookies utilized. This is the reason why we inform you about the cookies used and we provide you with this particular notice, so as to inform you prior to your use of the website.

This notice has two options: the first will forward you to this informative text and the second option that will be used by the user to accept the installation of cookies on their terminal equipment. If as a user, you choose to omit accepting the cookies and continue browsing our site, we will understand that there is a tacit acceptance to the use of cookies described in the previous section.

2.2. How to Disable Cookies in your Browser

If the user wishes to disable cookies from their browser, we provide them with some links that they can consult depending on the type of browser they have installed on their computer or terminal equipment.

In Google Chrome:

In Safari:

In Firefox:

In Internet Explorer:

In Opera:

We warn the user that uninstalling or disabling cookies from their browser can make it difficult or prevent them from accessing or browsing certain portions of our website.

2.3. Cookies from Social Networks

FINDTHATLEAD, does not manage the networks and / or platforms of a third party, therefore is not responsible for the cookies installed by these platforms. As a user and / or client of our platform, you are required to consult with their Privacy and Cookie Policy to be aware of the type and purpose and ultimately decide to accept or reject them.

Cookies utilized by Facebook:

Cookies utilized by Twitter:

Cookies utilized by LinkedIn:


FINDTHATLEAD will have a corporate profile on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In light of this and in accordance with the provision set by the Data Protection Act, we are responsible for the processing of our users information in such networks. Thus, when the user joins our profile as a follower, you agree to this policy, where we have explained their rights and we inform them on how we will use their information.

As a company or controller, we are required to provide confidentiality in the processing of their information and to ensure compliance with their rights, always in accordance with the provisions set by the Organic Law on Data Protection (Law No. 15/1999 of 13 December).

Furthermore, we inform that although we only use these social networks to post news or relevant information related to the type of benefits or services that we offer, as well as to create topics of interest that we believe will appeal to our clients and / or users. Therefore it is possible that you may receive such news or content with this type of information on your Wall or profile.

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