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30 September, 2016 Gerard Compte

Does Email Marketing Really Work?

If you talk to a seasoned salesperson, chances are they may tell you they know what really works. They´ve been in the industry for a long time and say that you can’t beat the tried and true format of cold calling and in-person sales meeting. But we’re in the modern age now, and along with the changing times, sales methods have changed as well.

The new way everyone is selling is through email marketing. But… does it really work? With the plethora of new tools and startups telling you to send emails to your prospects instead of calling them, let´s find out the true impact of email marketing.

True fact: email marketing has TWO TIMES higher ROI than cold calling and networking events.


Mobile First

Along with the changing times comes a changing format. People are on the go and rely on their smartphones more than ever before. Many employers expect their employees to be connected constantly and check their emails at all times, from wherever they may be. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of US mobile phone owners access their emails from their mobile phones. Additionally, Forrester Research discovered that of emails sent by retailers, 42 percent of their email marketing messages were opened on mobile devices.

What does all of this mean? People are reading their emails on their phones, and often reading emails while they are doing other things (commuting, standing in line at a store, etc.). That means sales emails have a chance of actually getting read on a mobile phone, whereas people are likely to hang up quickly on a cold call.

A tip for mobile email marketing formats? Design your emails to be mobile friendly. If you are sending out mass emails with some design elements, keep the design easy and responsive. Also keep text to a minimum – put the important message clearly in the beginning, as they are not likely to get to the bottom of a long email message.

Personalization and Segmentation

Email marketing allows you to easily segment your target groups, something that is not only difficult with online marketing, but also expensive. By creating lists of profiles (using tools like FindThatLead), you can send out targeted messages to a specific group in an easy email. By sending content that´s interesting to the correct profiles, you’re greatly increasing your chances of getting a response.

If something isn´t working in a campaign, with email you can easily change, modify and test the content to see what works best for your users. With traditional marketing, once material has been printed and sent out, there´s no going back.


The truth of marketing and sales is that people just don’t want to be bothered when they´re in the middle of doing something to receive a sales call, or interrupted at an event to hear a sales pitch. While there is a chance that they may be interested in your product or service, today people want to hear these messages on their own terms.

So, how do you find the right moment to contact your leads? Email is the best, least intrusive way to contact new leads. In their email inbox, they can open and read your email at the best moment for them (probably on their mobile phone). We´ll even let you in on a secret: the best time to email new prospects is between 8 AM and 3 PM.

It’s Cheap

Of all the marketing options available today (cold calling, events, trade shows, online marketing, ads) the easiest and cheapest option is emails! If you don’t have the budget to spend large amounts on marketing campaigns, or a travel budget to go to industry trade shows, or even a budget for simple online marketing campaigns on Facebook or Google, then email marketing is the easiest and most effective for the least amount of money!

Even if cold calling can seem like a cheap option, when you consider not only the phone bills but the manpower hours, you’re spending a lot of human capital that could be doing something else. For all the employee hours spent on the phone, is that really the best use of their time?

One of the fastest ways to contact your prospects without manually searching for all of your contacts (like cold calling) is with our tool FindThatLead. By logging into Linkedin, you can easily find and export the contact details of your prospects, without having to be a first degree connection. Email marketing made easy, and cheap too!

Download our FindThatLead tool and tell us what you think!

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