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How it Works

FindThatLead gives you the power to connect with people that matter to you.

A simple Chrome plugin that gives you the power to view anyone´s professional contact information and social data, while you are logged into Linkedin.



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New FindThatLead Add-On


Find emails on your Google SpreadSheets

To use it’s super easy. Download the Google Add-on on your Google SpreadSheets and start finding emails.

FindThatLead for Google Sheets will give you the power to enrich your data and find the email from your prospects. Just choose which column it´s the relevant information and we will generate the email.

The FindThatLead Google Add-on it´s free to download. To use it to the full you have to have a Large Plan.

If you require more searches…. you can always use the FindThatLead API.


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How FindThatLead can help you.

Super Powers

Communicate with almost anyone in the world

Expand your networks

Find the professional email, social data and other information from any Linkedin profile.

Improved Communication

We believe in open communication, which is why we are connecting individuals around the world




Our Customers




Schneider Electric
Google Cloud





Live Nation Entertainment


FindThatLead arose from an internal need: to find social & email information from different profiles on the web. We love networking and we believe contact information is most beneficial when open to everyone, allowing for greater networking possibilities. FindThatLead is the communication ‘bridge’ between you and everyone else.

Andrés Manso – Advisor

Co-Founder of Incubio, the startup incubator and serial entrepreneur. He was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2014 from the Barcelona School of Informatics.

Simon Lee – Advisor

Co-Founder of Incubio and Co-Founder of Gamebcn, the videogames incubator of Barcelona. He is a Creative Designer with a long career in the mobile and gaming sector.

Cristian Vitales – CTO

Computer Scientist with an expertise in Big Data. Over three years leading technical development teams in Incubio.

Gerard Compte – CEO

Business development specialist with a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration from the UK. Over 5 years of experience in sales and lead generation.

Joaquín Galé – COO

3+ years of experience as Lead Generator in Recruiter company. Hungry for sales

Pau Fernández – OUTBOUND

Currently finishing ADE in UB, Outbound Marketing Strategy


Arwa Al Malla – Front-End Developer

IronHack expert, designer and 2+ years of front end developing.





Need more mails? Check our API pricing here



About Pricing

How much is one email:

Depending on the plan you have it varies, but I can asure you it´s not cheaper and faster way than using FindThatLead. We give you credit for searches, regardless the result a credit will be deducted automatically. Today we have an average of 43%

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your subscription at any moment. Just send us an email and we’ll make sure you sure you do not get credited on the next cycle. We cannot offer refund as we give the free trial version. We are here to make sure you find the emails of your best future customers.

Own Algorithm:

We are crazy to make sure to give the best data to you. Our vision is to give you the email of your future best customers.  We have developed our own unique algorithm which generated and guesses the emails of your future best customers. Today we have a 45% rate of accuracy. When we give you a correct email will have 99%. Also when we are not sure we will provide with different rates depending on how sure we are about the email.
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